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5284339th Microsoft Bug Found
Posted by pikachu on Myday February 30, @AOL.com
from we-only-bitch-at-ms department.
PxQztl writes "This 3.2 terabyte Perl script exploits a buffer overflow error in Windows Notepad. It compromises machine's security and could make the user's computer very sad. It is estimated that all users who run Windows 95 beta 3141.59 and spend over 8 hours a day masturbating are at risk. Linux is the best."

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Open Source Movement brings world peace
Posted by some_fucking_loser @07:00AM
from the the-local-department-store.
TorvaldsOwnzJ00 writes "Linux is the only force on earth to have united the world to peace and harmony. Apache webserver admins have inspired warring factions across the globe to lay down their arms and start coding. GNUs have single-handedly wiped out famine in East Africastanisbad. Kernel has eliminated child prostitution. "

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Jar Jar Bink's security sucks
Postmortem by AvalinderWOL  @home
from southern california
Qwerty writes "George Lucas and his crew are falling under the curtain of MS's evil empire. Careful frame by frame analysis of Star Wars Episode I scenes revealed that Jar Jar would be vulnerable to a tongue overflow error when eating certain type of Pokemon. This vulnerability poses a serious security risk for Internet users worldwide. They should switch to Linux."

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Toenail Powered Apache Web Server
BritneysAnus writes "Hisham Kasparian of Ketchup IL has created a webserver out of discarded toenail clippings and bellybutton lint. It runs Apache and is still processing its first hit. It is still better than IIS. We swear. WHY WONT YOU BELIEEVEE UUSSSS?"

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US DOJ case abandoned - no-one actually noticed
Internet Porn King says censorship is bad. Hooker agrees.
Linux is the best.
Colombian cracklord says it's his right to sell bad coke to 15 year old LA hookers.

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